We currently do not offer ARTAS Robot for Hair Transplantation.

The information on this page is for patient education only.

Only Fue Houston TexasThe FUE procedure with ARTAS robot hair transplant system now offers more options for balding patients. This robotic hair restoration system is unique due to the level of sophisticated software involved. Robot FUE tools, like ARTAS, are just another tool in the arsenal for restoration.

However, it does not make a hair restoration center automatically an expert at hair replacement. The artistry and aesthetics of hair restoration, as well as the logistics of obtaining optimal graft survival, play an even more critical role in the hair transplant results.

How does the ARTAS computerized robotics system change the world of FUE hair transplants?

This is 21st century technology and a dramatic leap forward in the world of robotic FUE hair restoration. Many of the best hair transplant doctors in the world have begun to adopt such technologies. This physician controlled system uses a 3-Dimensional image-guided program with a robotic arm, video imaging with instant live motion tracking, and a friendly user interface. This system has taken a very labor intensive procedure and made it much quicker. This also allows the system to be more exact as it dissects 500 grafts per hour, which can translate into 3,000 grafts per session for select candidates. As a tool in the world of FUE hair transplants, it is important to learn about the physician using them to treat your thinning hair. We have extensive information on some of the FUE hair restoration tools available and encourage you to learn more about your options.

Does a Robotic FUE Hair Transplant hurt?

In general, the lack of a scalpel in the hair restoration procedure, means less pain is often involved. Neograft and Artas Robotic FUE Hair Transplants offer the latest in hair replacement for male pattern baldness. The robografts are extracted with a high quality consistency only achievable by computerized robotics. Patient reviews & comments have been overall positive in the comfort and results seen.

How far do I have to travel if I am interested in a robot hair transplant?

Hair transplant consults are available to patients in Houston, Texas. The travel costs can be offset by travel allowances for patients living outside our procedure location.

Why choose FUT Strip vs Artas or Neograft FUE?

This is a personal decision. Years ago, bariatric (weight loss/lap-band), gallblader, and other surgeries where done with giant scalpel cuts resulting in long down time. Nowadays, the majority of these procedures are done by laparoscopic surgery and with a less invasive approaches. FUE is a similar advantage in that it lacks large scalpel cuts, stitches, and has almost no downtime or pain. Artas and Neograft bring this next level of care to hair restoration.

What is the cost of a robot hair transplant procedure in Houston?

The cost of an FUE procedure depends on many factors including the center, the region of the country and so forth. In general, the hair transplant cost should be weighed against the experience and volume of the practice i.e do they mainly do FUE and a lot of it? An affordable restoration does not mean you are sacrificing on quality, but you should still do your due diligence research. National rates range from $4/graft to $15/graft for FUE with the ARTAS system.

Will I have A Line Scar?

Artas robotic FUE hair transplants are similar to Neograft FUE restoration in that no line scar is produced. You can wear your hair short after this restoration procedure.

What Is The Advantage of Robotic hair transplant and motorized Neograft FUE?

Compared to manual FUE hair transplants, these approaches increase the number of grafts that can be done in one procedure. However, increased speed can also result in increased transection and poor quality grafts so it is important that the physician using the tool be experienced in hair restoration. Some people like to compare Neograft and ARTAS, some of the tools of FUE. While some candidates can choose one vs the other, many patients are not eligible for both depending on multiple factors.

Neograft FUE technology & robotics are the latest to have gained FDA approval for use in the United States. This latest technological step forward in restoration that has passed FDA review.

How Common Is FUE?

We strive to remain among the leading FUE centers in the nation. With our close proximity to San Antonio, Austin and Louisiana we draw patients from a large radius. FUE is available in the leading Centers in the Nation. Many centers mix FUE with FUT/Strip surgery. Due to the advanced level of technology and the volume of patients required to make its use feasible, it is not available in every clinic in every city. Read more about how FUE grafts have eliminated the hair plug.