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The best hair transplant clinics should give you the benefit of large volumes of restoration procedures, increased experience, and competitive prices. Find out why most quality and cost-conscious patients end the hair restoration journey at our FUE transplant surgery clinic in Houston. Learn more about our Neograft cost and the price of a restoration with follicular unit extraction in Texas.

Average cost of FUE hair transplant at other centers:

-6$ to 11$ per FUE Graft for Neograft FUE, ARTAS robotic hair transplant, or manual FUE restoration.
-High overhead (fancy office space), Heavy Advertising, Outsourced Staff, & Multiple Offices often drive up costs.

Our regular price for FUE hair restoration in Houston:

– as low as $4.50 – $6.00 per FUE Graft (NEOGRAFT)

-Compare to national hair graft rates $5.50 – $11.00/Graft
-No Scalpel
-No Stitches
-Minimize pain or downtime.
-No Line Scar

Other Benefits

-You pay for hair, not high-cost advertising or commission-earning sales staff.
-We control prices due to low overhead and high patient demand.
-We make quality work affordable so that more people can benefit.

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Because each graft contains an average of 2-3 hairs and we price by graft, the majority of people get many more hairs then grafts they paid for.

Nothing is more real than your own real hair

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Houston Neograft FUE procedure at our locations offers quality results at rates that will beat most any other FUE center in the region.

We offer quality work at great rates because we have the volume and patient demand to do so.

We do NOT have a high pressure sales team, heavy marketing, or other hair transplant costs to pass on to you.

Obtain treatment by an award winning M.D. without wondering about credentials.

Never worry about paying for the visual frills/decor of our clinics, you will get our quality work without the burden of high overhead costs passed on to you.

Low overhead with high quality. That is our goal.

We do not send our technicians from clinic to clinic around the nation raising, so your hair restoration costs are very competitive. Why pay for flights/hotels of technicians?

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We offer the most recent Artas hair restoration robotic transplant system and Neograft FUE approaches. We encourage everyone interested to educate themselves about the difference between the procedures, including reading our FAQ section in detail. Learn how you can get hair implant growth to defeat your male pattern baldness.

We encourage our patients to price the competition, and compare them to our prices. Many clinics make a transparent effort to list their prices online.

We encourage our patients to compare our award winning physician, holding a Medical Degrees (M.D.), to other options in the market. This includes, but is not limited awards by national societies and the American Medical Association. Read more in the About Us section.

Prices should be transparent and not a well kept secret. After a detailed consult, we give you solid numbers that do not move or change. If you have been researching hair restoration, you know hair restoration with natural results is hardly inexpensive. This is especially true when you are considering the latest Neograft FUE option over a strip FUE or alternate FUE/FUT method. However, we understand most patients want to maximize the benefit and minimize the hair transplant costs while obtaining the highest quality results. While national rates can vary and tend to be from 5-10$ a follicle unit graft (or more for Neograft FUE), we stand out from the crowd because we offer some of the best and most competitive pricing in the market and we ONLY use the latest Neograft FUE.

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Self-Education on prices

Understanding the cost of a Houston hair transplant is wise and one should obtain a professional opinion before undergoing any procedure. You can verify your physicians background training online. Many restoration physicians have M.D degrees while others will have other degrees (we suggest you know the exact degree of your provider). Background training is often in cosmetic based specialties like Dermatology or Plastic Surgery, although you may find other practices entering the field. With all other things being equal, costs can play a significant factor in patient choices for surgery. When comparing the restoartion cost of an FUE hair transplant, it is imperative to compare apples to apples.

There are many pricing structures used for hair restoration surgery and understanding them can make comparing procedure prices much easier. The current state of the art in hair restoration surgery is termed follicular unit grafting (extraction and implanting) i.e FUE.

Grafts and follicles in hair transplant cost calculation

Two terms must be understood to compare hair transplant cost structures: grafts and follicles. The follicle refers to the individual hair. This corresponds to one hair follicle. The graft is the unit which is placed in the recipient site and can consist of one or more follicles(each graft is average 2-3 follicles).

Most surgeons will use individual single-follicle grafts along the edge of the hairline and multi-follicle grafts in other areas, or will only use single-hair grafts in every spot. Even though two surgeons report that they will use the same number of grafts, the number of actual hairs can be different(i.e 1000 hairs in single-unit grafts gives you 1000 grafts, however 1000 grafts with clusters of 2-follicles per grafts will produce 2000 hairs to be implanted and thus can be twice the fullness per area).

In another example, surgeon A may transplant 1,000 single-follicle grafts for the hair implant cost of $5000 whereas surgeon B may transplant 1,000 multi-hair-follicle grafts for $5000. Thus surgeon A gives you 1,000 hairs maximum, while surgeon B gives you a minimum of 1,000 hairs but can be up to 4,000 hairs for the same 5,000 dollars.

The total number of hairs can be the same but the number of grafts can be much less (or in other words you pay more for much less work in graft extraction/placement) if you are priced on a per-hair basis. This is why we prefer to price per graft to help the patient gain more from the procedure.

Hair Transplant Cost – Session Charges

Some patients with significant hair loss may require multiple hair transplant sessions. For hair that is extracted for transplant, the longer the time out of the body, the less the survival rate of the transplanted hairs. Multiple shorter sessions may be more beneficial than a single prolonged session not only for graft survival but for patient comfort. Some physicians will charge by the session while others will charge for the number of grafts obtained.

Number of grafts and session length.

One of the most common thing we hear our patients say, is why do we recommend less grafts then our competitors. The first thing is to verify we are comparing apples to apples as noted above, as this is the most common reason for misunderstanding cost differences. Furthermore, the reasons for and against doing large sessions in one visit are many. Longer procedures do strain the grafts and the patient. A large session resolves the issue in one visit and physicians do not have to worry about never seeing the patient again as would be the case with several smaller sessions. With the surgical strip method that involves a scalpel, stitches, a line scar, and longer downtime it may not be an experience most people would want to repeat(we do not do this but instead use the newer Neograft FUE). As we do have the Neograft available, and have lots of demand for services, we do not feel the need to push large graft numbers to up sell a patient.