Understanding Neograft Hair Transplant Options

There’s no need to struggle and suffer with hair loss: You have options that will provide natural hair growth thanks to Neograft. Male pattern baldness can be difficult to hide, but the Dr. Jezic’s Hair Transplant Center specializes in FUE transplantation that can eliminate this embarrassing problem. Hair loss isn’t just a matter of vanity: Hair loss can be a symptom of other health issues, too, such as lupus or lichen planopilaris. Our specially trained physicians will evaluate you fully to determine the origin of your hair loss. Learn more about Neograft hair transplantation to find out how you can look the way you want to look and gain confidence.

What is Neograft Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant surgery involves transplanting hair from a donor area of the scalp to areas of the scalp experiencing thinning or baldness. A Follicular Unit Extraction device is an automated tool that enables a specialist to harvest hair follicles accurately and quickly. A Neograft FUE device is one type of a motorized FUE tool that works precisely using the latest technology. One benefit of a Neograft hair transplant involves the final restoration results: With Neograft hair restoration, a linear scar will not result on the scalp. Many patients are pleasantly surprised with the speed and accuracy of a Neograft hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Consultation

When considering hair loss treatment, schedule a consultation with a restoration doctor. Find out if your insurance requires a referral to cover costs, if applicable. The consultation will assess your hair type and hair loss according to the Norwood scale pattern to determine whether you are a possible candidate for Neograft FUE. Hair transplants usually have a lower success rates with curly hair, although it is sometimes possible. Straight and wavy hair yields the highest success, and hair with tight curls is the most difficult type of hair to transplant. Many men with male pattern baldness will be receptive to this procedure and see great results from their hair transplant. Neograft transplantation cannot halt the progression of hair loss, but it works to treat your changed appearance with natural results. After assessing your hair loss, we will offer treatment options that fit your unique condition. Many treatment recommendations involve multiple steps to manage and remedy the hair loss. Most hair loss patients over age 50 will need one to two procedures. Younger patients may need more procedures as hair loss progresses. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your own hair loss and our hair transplant procedures. We believe that information and understanding can be empowering; therefore, we encourage patients to research hair transplant options to find answers.

Benefits of FUE

When you choose a follicular unit extraction hair transplant, you will heal more quickly without scarring because we do not use scalpels to harvest healthy hair follicles. Standard recovery time for a linear harvest hair transplant is six weeks, but with FUE, you can expect a full recovery within two to 14 days because you will not have stitches to heal. Even keeping your hair cut very short will not display a visible scar. The automated FUE techniques also enable you to progress through the entire treatment faster and restore hair to your thinning areas more quickly. Side effects are rare, although bruising and swelling can occur. And, although Neograft FUE technology is far advanced compared to older, manual techniques, the pricing remains similar; so hair transplantation doesn’t have to be out of your price range.

The Transplant Procedure

At Dr. Jezic’s Hair Transplant Center, you will be able to remain alert during your procedure, listening to music of your choice and speaking with the medical staff. Our procedure beds are comfortable, and at times during the hair transplantation procedure, you can eat and drink and be up and moving around. You can also take a nap or watch television during the procedure, if you like. After the transplant, most patients leave the clinic without any telltale bandages, and you will even be able to shampoo your hair with a medicated shampoo the following day. Most clients can expect to resume their normal activity level within one to two days after their hair transplantation procedure.

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