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A mega session Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) is a highly methodical hair transplant of several thousand follicular unit grafts that is performed in just a single session. When performed successfully, patients are able to achieve dramatic results in the treatment area, and enjoy vastly improved hair density and growth. Aging, genetics, or illness can cause devastating hair loss in men and women. But today’s follicular unit extraction technology and a team of expertly trained medical professionals can combat this condition to restore lost hair. And, with a mega session FUE, patients can experience more significant results in less time, and get back to feeling like their old selves sooner than ever. In one or two sessions, patients can have a restored hairline, with up to 3,500 grafts placed strategically for hair density where it matters. Those frustrated with the limitations of alternative transplant techniques should certainly consider a mega session FUE. However, not all hair transplant clinics are equipped with the experience, technology, and a large team of skilled technicians required to perform this procedure. Dr. Goran Jezic of Houston Hair Transplant Center is one of the leading providers of hair restoration in the nation, and specializes in the most advanced follicular unit excision (FUE) hair transplant techniques. If you’re ready for efficient and effective hair restoration, schedule a complimentary consultation at our Houston offices to see how you can take advantage of this exciting procedure. Or, kindly give us a call at (713) 864-2300.

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The history of hair restoration surgery dates back to the late 1930s when Japanese dermatologist Dr. Shoji Okuda performed groundbreaking work in surgical hair restoration for burn victims. His technique successfully transplanted multiple small areas of skin with intact hair into bald areas. [1] However, hair transplantation methods took a detour with the advent of follicular unit transplantation (FUT), or strip harvesting when American dermatologist Dr. Norman Orentreich successfully developed and performed the procedure in 1952. For years afterwards, those seeking hair transplants were forced to have an entire strip of their scalp excised in order to retrieve the hair grafts needed. 

Advances in hair restoration reached a new level in the 2000s with the advent of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). [2] Building off the techniques first introduced by Dr. Okuda, FUE precisely relocates individual follicles to restore hair density. And because of crucial developments in the technology used to extract and implant the grafts, it’s now a reliable and successful procedure.[3] Transplantation systems like Neo-Graft and ATERA allow technicians to remove healthy, intact follicles, and successfully implant them at the correct depth with precision, ensuring the survival of the graft. Because of the meticulous nature of this procedure, and the physical demands on the provider performing it, FUE is often performed over the course of several sessions. 

About Mega Session FUE

A mega session FUE treatment further improves upon past treatment techniques to allow for an exponentially larger amount of follicular unit grafts to be transplanted in one or two “mega” sessions. This allows doctors and technicians to strategically place the grafts to recreate dense, thick areas of hair. [4] However, in order to successfully perform these intensive procedures, an entire team of expert hair transplant professionals must closely coordinate with the hair transplant physician in order to extract, prepare, and insert the several thousand grafts. Dr. Jezic and his team at Houston Hair Transplant Center boast the capacity to offer this procedure, and typically place from 3,000-3,500 follicular units in just one or two sessions.  

Benefits of a Mega Session FUE Treatment

A mega session FUE offers more dramatic results in fewer sessions. 

With a mega session FUE, patients enjoy:

  • Heightened self-confidence
  • Higher rate of successful hair transplantation
  • Natural-looking, long-lasting results
  • No linear scarring or sutures [3]
  • Fast recovery time

Ideal Candidates

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This highly involved treatment may seem intensive, but offers results that can’t be duplicated with other hair restoration treatments. Your extensive, informative consultation will give you the opportunity to discuss your hair restoration goals, and learn more about whether this procedure is right for you. 

Considerations for mega session FUE hair transplants include:

Age Group

Receding hair can happen at any stage. However, patients tend to be over the age of 25 and younger than 65. [3] Unfortunately, patients who experience hair loss at a young age may have a progressive form of balding that may make them unsuitable for FUE. That is why interested patients over the 25 tend to fare better. 

Extent of Hair Loss

The best candidates for treatment are those with mild to extensive hair loss on the front or top areas of the scalp. It’s extremely important that patients have healthy, high-density hairs on the back of the scalp. Donor hairs are harvested from this area. 

Good Health

Healthy individuals over the age of 25 experiencing hair loss are eligible. Patients with significant health problems such as bleeding or clotting disorders are advised not to seek treatment. 

Confidently bid goodbye to balding with a mega session FUE treatment. Take the first step by scheduling a personal consultation with Dr. Jezic or call our office at (713) 864-2300

Personal Consultation

Since 2013, Dr. Goran Jezic has performed hair transplants with stunning results. By utilizing the innovative NeoGraft and ATERA technology, he’s been able to deliver consistently successful hair restoration to patients that include celebrities and professional athletes. His practice focuses exclusively on FUE transplantation, and Dr. Jezic takes pride in providing outstanding results with minimal pain and discomfort

Your Consultation

Your meeting with Houston Hair Transplant Center will take place a few minutes away from downtown Houston. Your consult with Dr. Jezic is a two-way discussion to voice your concerns and for him to fully understand the results you desire from the hair transplant. Unlike with many other practices, you’ll meet personally with Dr. Jezic, who makes a point to spend at least 45 minutes per consultation. He’ll examine your scalp and hair follicles to determine the appropriate treatment plan and estimate your recovery time. After we determine your customized plan, we’ll share how your mega session FUE transplant will provide you with excellent results. Finally, we’ll give you a set of instructions on how to prepare for your mega session FUE. Remember to follow them to ensure a streamlined process with optimal results

Take the first step of envisioning a thicker set of hair with a consultation. Fill out the easy contact form or call us at (713) 864-2300 to get started. We love engaging with our patients. Keep informed by reading our blog and following us on Instagram


Your set of instructions is tailored to meet your needs. Finishing these items ensures a successful transplant process. Patients will be asked to:

  • Stop smoking a few weeks before treatment and throughout the recovery period
  • Avoid taking blood thinners and dietary supplements two weeks before
  • Do not get a haircut right before your scheduled appointment
  • Massage the scalp daily for 10-30 minutes a few weeks before to increase blood flow
  • Have a light breakfast on your procedure day
  • Come to the office with clean hair and be excited for your results!


Your mega session procedure will take place within an approximately 8 hour session. But don’t worry. Our team will designate breaks throughout the procedure. The process starts with administering a local anesthetic for your comfort and shaving the donor site for easy removal. Next, Dr. Jezic and his team will use the ATERA or NeoGraft device to gently remove hair grafts (consisting of 1-3 hair follicles) of equal size and length from the back of your scalp. The follicles are prepared for implantation and dissected into groups of 1-4 hairs, sorted into size. [2][4] Then, by using an automated insertion device, the hair is individually transplanted into the recipient sites where hair is needed. Depending on the desired effect, your session may implant as many as 5,000 to 7,000 grafts. Your session ends with cleaning and bandaging the area for your recovery. 


After your mega session hair transplant, take it easy and avoid strenuous activities. Donor sites may be sensitive and swollen for a few days. Dr. Jezic may prescribe pain medication to minimize discomfort. When caring for the scalp, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Gently wash hair with mild shampoo for 3-4 days after treatment
  • Avoid combing over grafts for about three weeks
  • Do not wear head coverings until directed


Your results will gradually emerge. Normal shedding of transplanted hair may occur within 2-5 weeks. This is completely normal. New, stronger, healthier hair in the treated areas grows within 3-15 months, resulting in stronger, thicker hair. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Houston Hair Transplant Center is pleased to offer patients other possibilities for hair restoration. During your consultation, we may recommend:

Facial Hair Transplant

A strikingly new look can be yours with a facial hair transplant. This gentle uses the same FUE method to harvest healthy hair follicles from the back of the head. They are then transferred to the face to give you a more robust look for your eyebrows, moustache, or beard. 


The final cost of your mega session FUE will depend on the amount of hair extracted and transplanted. We’ll give you an estimated quote when you come into your initial consultation. Our staff can also help with understanding financial details Call (713) 864-2300 to learn more.


Is a mega session FUE treatment safe?

Yes, the mega session is a safe procedure that does not require the use of large incisions, sutures, general anesthesia, or lengthy downtimes.

Will I have a scar afterward?

Because FUE removes individual hair follicles directly from the scalp, your mega session FUE will not leave linear or obvious scars on the scalp. An even pattern of tiny wounds may be visible immediately after your surgery. However, they should close within 3-5 days. 

Will my mega session procedure be painful?

You’ll receive local anesthesia and a mild sedative before your procedure begins. Some patients may feel mild discomfort, itching, and swelling after their session which will resolve itself within a few days. 


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