If you’re noticing that your hairline is changing, it’s time to fight back against a receding hairline. Don’t resign yourself to male pattern baldness. Instead, explore receding hairline treatment to reverse your hair loss. At Dr. Jezic’s Hair Transplant Center, we utilize the latest hair restoration treatment option for a hairline transplant, Neograft FUE technology, which involves robotic surgery instead of manual procedures.

The FUE Difference

Many hair transplant options are available, but follicular unit extraction differs significantly from follicular unit transplants. With FUT, the specialist cuts the scalp with a scalpel to remove a strip of scalp for harvesting the hair follicles. This procedure involves pain, stitches, healing time, and scarring. With FUE, the doctor does not use a scalpel, which means minimal pain, no stitches, no excessive healing time, and no telltale scarring. In fact, you should be completely healed within 14 days and often much sooner. By choosing FUE instead of FUT, the process will be faster, which means you can reach your goals much sooner. You don’t need to worry about higher prices with FUE, either; in most cases, the procedures have similar pricing structures.

Hair Transplant Timeline

Our care procedure involves a specific hair transplant timeline that begins with your first consultation. Bring along any blood test results from the past six months, if possible. At the consultation, you will speak with our experts to try to determine the cause of your hair loss. Once physical illness is ruled out and male pattern baldness is confirmed, you will receive recommendations for treatment options that can resolve your hair loss problem. Quick fixes are not the standard with FUE hair transplants. Instead, you should expect to undergo at least one or two procedures to transplant the hair follicles. Men over age 50 may experience full resolution of baldness with just one or two treatments. Younger men should expect several ongoing treatments as hair loss continues.

After the procedure, you will likely leave the clinic without bandages or with just small ones. We don’t use scalpels, so no stitches are involved with any hairline hair transplant. You will receive medicated shampoo as well as instructions for shampooing your hair the next day. It’s common for most clients to resume typical activities within one to two days. You will notice tiny crusts forming at the transplant locations. Within seven to 10 days, these crusts will loosen and fall off of your scalp. You should feel and look fully recovered within 14 days after the procedure.

Within two to three weeks of the transplant, the newly transplanted hair will fall out. This is entirely normal. The bulb of the hair will then remain dormant beneath the skin for up to 12 weeks. After this time, new hair will grow. You can expect full and mature hair growth within 12 months.

The FUE Process

You will settle into a comfortable, reclining chair or bed for your hair transplant procedure. You can listen to music during the procedure or pass the time chatting with medical personnel. There will be times when you can be up walking around, and you will also be allowed to eat and drink at specific times. Feel free to nap or watch television to pass the time also. You shouldn’t feel extreme pain during the procedure, and most patients report feeling minimal discomfort. As with any medical procedure, infection can be a risk: We will provide extensive post-operative instructions to help you avoid infection. Swelling and bruising are uncommon side effects of the procedure.

Hairline Restoration Cost

Receding hairline treatment can be a costly procedure, depending on where you have it done. Some hair transplant clinics have a high overhead and extensive advertising costs to maintain, which they pass on to their patients in the form of steep fees. At Dr. Jezic’s Hair Transplant Center, we would rather keep our overhead low: By providing affordable care, we can assist more patients. The average national cost of FUE transplants ranges between $3,000 and $24,000, but as our patient, you can expect to save between 10 and 35 percent on your hair transplant hairline procedure. We also offer interest-free financing with pre-approval available before your first consultation.

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