A Virtual Consultation Is Your Connection to the New You

Covid-19 has changed our world forever. Meetings have migrated online, loved ones interact remotely, and the Internet has become our window to the world. But progress can – and must – continue. Society needs to work harder to stay connected, but we will do so, resolutely and responsibly.

If you need help connecting, please call (713) 864-2300 and we can walk you through the process. Our Houston Hair Transplant Center team is ready to help, either in person or in cyberspace. 

If you put your hair restoration goals on hold during quarantine, it’s time to hit the un-pause button. Dr. Goran Jezic, MD is well versed in advanced technologies including the new and advanced ATERA FUE technology as well as the Neograft FUE system so he can apply his knowledge of safe, secure interactions to your online consultation process.

What Is a Virtual Consultation?

A virtual consultation is tailored to your preferred mode of communication. You may wish to connect via email, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or another method of your choosing. Whichever method for which you opt, Dr. Jezic will meet you more than halfway. He is booted up and eager to fulfill your hair restoration desires.

HIPAA Compliance

Before you connect with any medical practitioners online, it is important to understand your rights. Dr. Jezic is a champion of digital discretion. Your healthcare is your business. That is why Houston Hair Transplant Center provides a HIPAA compliant platform where we can discuss your concerns without violating your privacy. HIPAA stands for the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.”[1] Back in the mid-90s, online security was a relatively new concept. In order to keep your medical records safe, we will make sure you authorize us before embarking on a hair transplant journey that requires specific information, provided by you and you alone.

Dr. Jezic or one of his associates can explain the finer details of HIPAA, but suffice it to say: your details are protected when you consult with the team at Houston Hair Transplant Center.

Benefits of Remote Appointments

Uncertainty rages through our hearts and our headlines. We want to connect, but we don’t want to jeopardize our health or our loved ones’ wellness. Virtual consultations provide the individual care you need while observing the safety protocols we must all strive to follow.

Virtual Consultation Benefits

  • Comprehensive – Dr. Jezic will take his time assessing every facet of your hair loss, even before you step in front of the computer screen. During your virtual visit, he will prompt you to provide all of the information he needs to devise the best approach to your hair restoration.
  • Convenient – Schedule an appointment that adheres to your hectic schedule and click to join us from the comfort of your home. The commute from your couch is a breeze!
  • Caring – By reducing the need for gathering in a lobby, we eliminate the possibility of exposing you to the novel coronavirus. But we must note: the Houston Hair Transplant Center team prides ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and decontamination. 
To experience the benefits of a virtual consultation for yourself, start the process online right now

Eligible Candidates

To connect with us virtually, all you need is WiFi and a dream. Ideal candidates for hair restoration have realistic expectations for new growth and are ready to work with Dr. Jezic to bring their vision to life. 

During your virtual hair replacement surgery consultation, Dr. Jezic will study the specifics of your hair loss to determine your eligibility for a hair transplant procedure. If transplantation is not the best option for you, then Dr. Jezic will suggest a different approach. 

Private Consultation in Houston and Beyond

Even before you log on for your digital appointment with Dr. Jezic, we want to connect with you. The Houston Hair Transplant Center staff encourages you to submit pictures of your hairline from the past and present so we can begin strategizing your future. Call (713) 864-2300 for detailed directions regarding photo submissions and we can talk you through the process. 

Once it is time for your virtual consultation, be ready to share your medical history and hair growth goals. Be sure to shed some light on the issue. In other words, make sure there is ample light in the room from where you are video chatting with us. Situate your computer near a window to get the benefit of natural light, and have a lamp nearby just in case. Heck, you can even use your smartphone to illuminate yourself!

Dr. Jezic is extremely detail-oriented. He will study your past pics, your current appearance, and your medical records. Based on Dr. Jezic’s findings, he will recommend a hair transplant approach that fits your anatomy and needs. Contact Houston Hair Transplant Center to schedule an appointment and forge a path to your lustrous new look.

Preparation and Procedure

During your consultation, you will receive detailed instructions to prepare you for hair restoration. Preparation may take many different forms, depending on which technique Dr. Jezic pursues your hair growth needs.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Just like people, hairs are social creatures. Even though humans can’t cluster during a pandemic, hair certainly can. Dr. Jezic honors the natural pattern of hair growth by celebrating clusters, which are also called units. One unit may contain 1-3 hair follicles and can be selectively harvested from an area of vibrant hair growth – for example, the back of the head. The process of collecting healthy hair from a donor site is called follicular unit extraction (FUE).[2,3]

Dr. Jezic and his skilled squad of hair techs use the best devices on the market, including NeoGraft. The NeoGraft system automates the harvesting of healthy follicles and cradles them until they are ready for transplant. Dr. Jezic places healthy units of follicles along the area most in need of new growth.

Topical Solutions

If your donor site is not able to contribute enough viable follicles for transplantation, Dr. Jezic may recommend a different approach to hair restoration. Houston Hair Transplant Center offers a selection of topical solutions to address hair loss. For men, we may recommend finasteride (Propecia), and for women, Dr. Jezic might suggest minoxidil (Rogaine). The best prescription is the one that’s right for you. Connect with Dr. Jezic via a virtual consultation and let him guide the way to the new you.

Facial Hair Transplants

Once you appear on the screen for your digital appointment, be sure to show off your attractive mug. If you struggle with uneven facial hair growth, Dr. Jezic wants to know all about it. His hair transplant techniques can be tailored to beard growth, mustache assistance, and overall evenness of facial follicular fierceness. 

Call (713) 864-2300 to learn more about our hair restoration options and to schedule an appointment with an attentive Houston Hair Transplant Center representative.

Recovery and Results

If you undergo a follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure, the harvesting process will leave a series of tiny punctures the size of a pin along with your donor site. These will heal over the course of 3-5 days. Please do not rush the recovery process. Avoid irritating the site and be sure to keep it clean and dry, as your Houston Hair Transplant Center medical staff advises. Satisfaction is Dr. Jezic’s top priority. One look at our rave reviews illustrates how committed we are too amazing results. To join the scores of happy, healthy patients who have benefitted from Dr. Jezic’s expertise, schedule a virtual consultation now!


How much does hair restoration cost in Houston?

The price of hair restoration surgery depends on several factors, including technique (FUE, FUT, or other), type of technology used (ATERA, Neograft, robotic or other), number of sessions, and extent of the treatment area. Dr. Jezic can explain the costs associated with each restoration technique during your comprehensive consultation. Houston Hair Transplant Center is proud to offer transparent pricing at every stage of the restoration process. We will provide a budgetary breakdown before you embark on your journey of new hair growth.

What is the safest way to consult with a hair transplant specialist?

Social distancing has become the unwritten law of the land. We want to give you your space and respect your boundaries. To learn about your hair restoration options, we can consult online. From there, we can recommend protocols to give you lustrous hair with peace-of-mind on the side. Call (713) 864-2300 to discuss our safety regulations and schedule a time to meet with Dr. Goran Jezic. He has earned his reputation as the foremost hair restoration authority in Houston, and he will put his knowledge to work for you. 


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