Josh Simpson, MS-PAC

Josh Simpson MS-PAC

Josh Simpson, PA-C received his medical training at John’s Hopkins, and since then he has helped thousands of patients. He has over 10 years of experience performing injectables and other aesthetic services, including hair transplant procedures. 

After presenting his thesis on infection migration, antibiotic administration, and preparation protocols, he received his Master’s degree as a physician’s assistant, and went on to practice at John’s Hopkins Hospital for Special Surgery, worked at private practices in Virginia and Texas. He has completed the renowned Sam Lam’s Hair Transplant 360 course in addition to other clinical training programs in New York. 

Josh specializes in site-making and hairline design, as well as graft harvesting using advanced scar-minimizing techniques. He has performed thousands of hair restoration procedures, and because of his skill and experience, he is able to successfully perform hybrid facial and body hair transplantation procedures on patients that would otherwise not be be viable candidates for follicular unit extraction.

Josh is an essential part of Dr. Goran Jezic’s team, and in addition to his specialized knowledge in FUE hair restoration, he also has experience in spine surgery, orthopedics, and upper extremity burns. He is also actively involved in medical device development and is currently awaiting FDA approval on one of his ground-breaking medical devices.