Hair Plugs vs Hair Implants

The world of hair restoration is filled with confusing terminology. Thus, we are going to try to help readers tackle the confusion. In particular, this page will focus on the plugs vs implants terminology.

What is a hair implant?

An implant is a piece of material that is inserted into the scalp or attached to the scalp in some manner. Usually, it refers to the insertion i.e implantation process more than the attachment.

What do you mean insert/implant vs attachment?

Attachments are more of the wig or hair piece approach. Also, fine strand hairs can be attached. These are usually synthetic processes that require regular maintenance. They also do not grow. Think of them as those fake plants in your office. They look real but are not real.

What is a hair plug?

This is an old term that is still used today by the general population. It is not used in modern medicine in the United States anymore. The plug refers to the old round grouping of hairs that would be inserted into the scalp. This is very real hair and behaves in the same way real hair does. The only downside is it looks fake due to the size of the plug, the round look it has, and the gaps that occur between plugs.

I want hair but do not want an attachment or plugs, what are my options?

Modern restoration has evolved to the development of FUE hair restoration. This is similar to the hair plugin that it is natural real hair that requires no maintenance. However, that is where the similarity ends. While hair plugs have a rounded unnatural look, FUE hair restoration involves fine strands of hairs just like your hair grows now. The best FUE hair transplants are the ones you can not tell are transplants. And yes, it is possible to get a transplant that is so good that no one knows about it.