FUE Hair Transplants – A Great Solution for Male Hair Loss

It is natural to have a lot of questions about your hair transplant options. We want to help you get as much self-education as possible on our hair replacement options. You can review this site at your own convenience and contact us, or meet us in-person, for any questions we may have missed.

We are 100% FUE focused hair restoration clinics for men

Most clinics only do FUE part time and/or mix it with variations of the strip surgery like FUT. Meet with us to learn why so many people choose to travel to our clinic to obtain quality results and easily save thousands of dollars.

Avoid paying extra: Sales specialists, on commission, and heavy marketing budgets can also drive up your costs. This is not a concern with us due to our dedication to helping you pay for hair, not pay for advertising and sales people. Your care will be handled by our MD Physician.

What else should you consider?

Multiple FUE tools exist, such as Neograft and ARTAS robotic hair transplants, so it is important to visit an experienced center with more than one option under the same roof.

Meet with us and find out why we draw so many patients, from all over the world, as they seek high quality and affordable advanced hair transplant results.

We also offer other advanced FUE tools as we strive to be on the cutting edge and remain an FUE-only clinic. Learn more about the Artas vs Neograft decision and why a combination approach may be the best one for your restoration.

Travel for Savings

Save thousands of dollars with our travel discount for procedures in Houston, TX

Compare and decide for yourself:

Sample Hair Transplant Cost in Austin = $6,900
Sample Hair Transplant Cost in Houston = $5,550