Is Real Hair Used In A Hair Transplant?

How does a Hair Transplant Work in Our Houston OfficeTransplanted hairs are real. Unlike hair you have lost, these hairs are from the back of the scalp. The hairs are moved and implanted to increase density in areas of scalp thinning or balding. For our hair transplant Houston patients, the hair implants are expected to grow and behave like your own natural real hair, because that is exactly what they are. These are not hair pieces or other forms of hair replacement that are artificial and require regular maintenance. Nor will you be required to restrict your activities. Since these are real hairs, you can do your regular real daily life routine.

Why do we use back of the scalp hairs?

Back of the scalp hairs are resistant to natural loss from factors such as DHT and genetics that cause male pattern baldness. The reason for this inherent genetically programmed resistance is not known but has been used to the advantage of patients. Now these hairs, which often are in overabundance in the back of the scalp, can be moved to areas they are needed such a s the top of the scalp. These hairs will also grow and behave like your regular hairs. Ultimately, we strive to produce the best hair transplant results.

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How does a Hair Transplant Work in Our Houston Office

We use some of the most modern approaches in completing a Hair Transplant. This includes careful storage of all materials and maintaining a meticulous environment for procedures at our Houston Hair Restoration Center.