We currently do not offer the ARTAS Robot for Hair Transplantation.

The information on this page is for patient education only.

ARTAS or Neograft = No Line Scar

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is very different from strip harvest surgery (also called FUT). It is important to be aware of what you are seeking when targeting a hair transplant procedure. In our Houston hair restoration center, we only do FUE procedures. Yes, FUE is our exclusive hair transplant focus. This 100% focus has many advantages. For example, in some clinics, the FUE Hair transplant cost can be as high as $15 per graft. In our clinic, the cost per graft of FUE is much more reasonable. Also, many patients ask about ARTAS robot vs Neograft FUE. To help answer this question, we prepared the table below. We also like to remind our patients to educate themselves on FUE technologies.

Why accept any possible limitations? Review some of the main differences between the various devices.

VariablesFUT – Strip HarvestNeograft FUEArtas Robot
Line ScarYesNoNo
Stitch or StaplesYesNoNo
Efficient vs Manual FUENoYesYes
Computerized 3-D TargetingNoNoYes
Robotic ArmNoNoYes
CostVariable (often by overhead)Can be 2x cost of FUT (Especially in non-specialized clinics)Can be 3x cost of FUT (Especially in non-specialized clinics)

What is the difference?

Both Neograft and ARTAS robot are the latest technology in FUE hair restoration. Although FUE has been around for decades, the process is not very efficient. Neograft, Artas and other motorized devices changed the field dramatically. These new devices have taken a step further and now the most advanced FUE technology available. When considering Artas vs Neograft, like the most intricate surgeries or art works, sometimes require multiple tools, instruments, or paint brushes. Thus, the best hair transplant is not just a simple decision of one tool or another but the aptitude of a skilled team.

When should I consider one FUE device vs the other?

Multiple variables come into play with FUE devices and achievable results. Such variables include outsourced staff and high dependence on human skill and stamina.

Despite all this, these devices can produce amazing results with an experienced and skilled team. This is especially true in more difficult cases that have a lot of scarring or for patients with multiple strip procedures in the past.

Are Neograft FUE & Artas still relevant?

Artas & Neograft are some of the latest FUE advances. They both have regular software and hardware upgrades. In the hands of the right team, the hair transplant results can be amazing.

Although FUE technology is over a decade old, many innovations in technology have taken place. For example, with the machines, several scenarios can be tackled efficiently and reliably. This page is not intended to insult or speak ill of either device or manufacturer. Both are remarkable technological advances and have significant importance and use. This page is informative only and should be used as a supplement to other research material and due diligence.

Overall, we welcome you to a complimentary consult to discuss which FUE technology is best for you.

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