How can I get unshaven FUE so that the donor area is undetectable?

undetectable hair transplant houston texasThe undetectable FUE approach is also referred to as U-FUE. In some cases, it may also be called unshaven FUE. Since hair restoration requires harvesting of the bulb, and not the full intact follicle, the hair cut given for the procedure often involves removing the unwanted and nonviable portion of the follicle. The amount of hair cut can vary from almost none, or it can be a large portion of the harvest area.

The advantage of U-FUE is that the area that is trimmed by a hair cut is limited and is not noticeable.

The disadvantage of U-FUE is that the restoration procedure requires the donor area hair to be at least 1-2 inches long. U-FUE also takes a little longer in regards to procedure time, and thus also involve more costs. Furthermore, certain harvesting tools are not well equipped to preform this procedure so you will have to go to a center the the capability to do FUE using a variety of tools. Finally, it is important to realize that the “undetectable” refers to the donor area. In many cases, the recipient area is still detectable.

Can U-FUE make a difference for my recovery?

The beauty of FUE, is that the donor area heals in a matter of days. So if you get FUE or U-FUE, you still have a quick recovery in the donor area. U-FUE plays a bigger role in those patients with longer hair who do not want to have a short hair cut. If you normally keep your hair short, then the decision of FUE vs. U-FUE does not involve the same factors.

It is also important to realize that most FUE cases heal efficiently in the donor area. However, the recipient area can be detectable for a much longer period of time. You can learn more by visiting with us at The Dr. Jezic’s Hair Transplant Center. Our center specializes in FUE with multiple tools available under one roof.

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