Although we own the device, we currently do not use the Artas Robot for Hair Transplantation. In our experience, we have determined that Neograft is currently a superior tool for follicular unit extraction. The information on this page is for patient education only.

Constant Innovation

Hair restoration has traditionally been a very time intensive manual procedure. This can be very trying on the patient, the physician, and the team involved. Even the best hair transplant doctors can have an off day.

The latest innovations have lead to a more automated and quicker procedure using the patented Neograft device.

Why should hair restoration be any different than skin laser rejuvenation or an outpatient same day face lift procedure?

Now you can literally walk in and walk out with dramatic results. Just look at the photos.

The Dr. Jezic’s Hair Transplant Center Experience

Enjoy the few hours that your hair is being restored. Listen to the music of your choice.

While you sit, you will be in one of the most comfortable procedure beds we have. Our restoration beds are padded with memory foam.

When the procedure involves you laying flat, you will be using a professional masseuse pillow.

We spare no expense in achieving full comfort for our patients in our Houston transplant center. We believe you should not have to avoid friends and co-workers just because of thinning hair or male pattern baldness.

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State Of The Art

Our Houston Clinic Offers The Latest In Hair Restoration Technology – FUE. This procedure is now available to more patients than ever.

With new tools in the world of FUE including Neograft, and Alphagraft bpatients now have more options for FUE at affordable costs while not sacrificing quality. The latest technology in hair transplants is truly amazing. Such new hair restoration technology has allowed for better results for some of the best hair transplants possible.

Automated & robotic FUE hair surgery is believed to be less strenuous to the patient when compared to standard transplants. The speed/efficiency of the procedure allows the grafts to remain fresh for transplantation, rather than sit for hours in awaiting insertion. Furthermore, with the traditional FUE method, the follicle is handled with tweezer-like instruments. To avoid damage to the follicle, this procedure requires intense focus for many hours.
Differences in hair type and scalp type also increased risks of side-effects because everything was manual. With the automated system, the pneumatic pressure is set to the type of scalp and the instruments apply just the right amount of pressure to remove the follicle.

The NeoGraft® machine has an angled instrument to allow the physician/technician to remove the follicle without cutting the follicle. Unlike the traditional method, the automated method isn’t dependent on the skill set of the technician, which if not good can damage a high percent of hair follicles.

The original strip method produces a line scar due to many reasons including the use of a sharp scalpel to cut a deep wide line on the back of the scalp that can be about 1 centimeter wide. This does NOT occur with Neograft in which 1-2mm size harvesting is used with no scalpel and no need for stitches. Healing is quick. Our Houston hair transplant clinic does not do FUT strip surgeries, we are dedicated to FUE restoration.

The transplanted hair will remain visible for two or three weeks and then the new transplanted hair will fall out. The bulb (critical living core) of the hair remains dormant under the skin for six to twelve weeks. After that time a new hair will grow from the bulb. Significant hair will grow in by 4-6 months and full hair growth is visible by 12 months.

Hair Transplant Procedure

During the entire procedure the patient will be alert; listening to music and chatting with the doctor and staff members. Using the standard hair transplant STRIP method, 2000 follicles take about 8 hours to transplant. With the standard FUE method transplants take longer. Many physicians/technicians are needed to assist during the transplant. Our device eliminates the need for so many technicians and therefore cuts out the cost of those technicians. The time of the transplant is reduced by more than half, which also reduces the cost. The patient may eat, drink and get up during the procedure. Most patients even doze off and or watch television. And the best part of all this, we pass the costs on to you. Just compare our rates. See other teams and what they charge than visit us. You will be amazed and will only have extra money to go celebrate afterwards. We all like high quality products, but if we can save on them to be able to by more(or other) high quality products, then why not?

When the hair transplant has been completed with this new hair transplant technology, the patient will be provided with post-operative instructions, medication, and shampoo. The patient can leave the office with little or no bandage and will be able to shampoo their hair the next day.


In regards to recovery after a restoration, most patients resume normal activity in a day or two. Tiny crusts form with the transplants have been placed and usually shed in 7 – 10 days. Most patients over 50 can be satisfied with one or two procedures to treat a specific area of hair loss. A younger patient may require an additional transplant because as he becomes older further hair falls out later in life.

Thanks to the newest hair replacement technology and decreased costs of hair restoration, pioneering work has been published in expanding restoration into the areas of scar area restoration. This includes several research reports published on burn victims, as well as patients suffering from scarring conditions such as lichen planopilaris and lupus that has now stabilized. Although still a field in its infancy, the restoration of scaring hair loss is something you can follow up on by reading our news section