Regarding your manuscript on Extensive Hair Shaft Growth and cryopreservation, thank you for taking the time to answer some of our questions for those suffering from hair loss and balding. We do realize this study is in mice, and thus human studies may be far away, but the potential for more hair restoration hope is all many of us need. Can you describe some potential human hair loss treatment applications that can result from this research?

Hair follicles can be banked to use for future implantation after hair loss.

What is the anticipated the time horizon for clinical availability of follicle preservation?

This technology is developed and ready now. We do not know of any regulatory issues.

When do you anticipate human based clinical trials?

We do not anticipate any human based clinical trials.

Do you think DHT sensitive hairs vs more DHT resistant hairs could respond differently to cryopreservation?

This still needs to be tested.

Do you think the preservation varies by type of hair and/or location of the body i.e scalp hair vs other body hair?

This still needs to be tested.

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