When it comes to getting a hair transplant, most people wonder if it will be noticeable that they just had a procedure done. Well it doesn’t have to be noticeable, in the donor site, thanks to the long hair transplant, also known as the undetectable graft or undetectable fue.

The long hair transplant allowed a patient of ours to avoid a noticeable short hair cut. It doesn’t even look like the patient did anything new to his hair! This approach to hair restoration does not alter the appearance of the recipient area so no worries. It won’t affect your hair restoration outcome.
The haircut done for the procedure is very discreet and extremely hard to see and with the hair covering the area where the hair was harvested, most wouldn’t even know that there was anything done to the area. The harvested area comes out still looking clean and clear.

The patient is able to go back to work the very next day without having to worry about finding a way to cover up his head. There is no need to go dig out a loose fitting hat to cover up anymore!
But like every procedure, there are some limitations and restrictions when opting to get a long hair transplant. For instance this procedure is often only done with the procedure is set for 1000-500 grafts or less. The hair must be several inches long as well. Sometimes, a shave or cut may still be necessary to the recipient site of the transplant. If that was the case, it may still take seven days before the patient can look normal as the haircut may be visible then.

What else is important to remember? Even when we do this approach, it is usually but not always 100% undetectable as every patient is unique. Also. the recipient site may be the real concern. This area can be detectable for 5-7 days. So it is great that the donor can be hidden, just do not forget about the recipient site. You can reach us anytime for questions or concerns at the Dr. Jezic’s Hair Transplant Center in Houston. And remember, all patients are unique and results may vary.

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