No Scalpel – No Stiches – Hair Restoration

Older style transplants used a scalpel, a large incision, and lots of sutures (stitching). When a scalpel is used, the hair transplant recovery can be complicated. The latest technology has converted the procedure into a minimally invasive restoration process. The discomfort is minimal. And this technology is available right here in our hair transplant Houston clinic.

Hair transplant procedures are performed using local anesthetic techniques. With the new hair transplant technology available, we target complete lack of sensation during the procedure. However, the patient is awake and responsive with the ability to get up and stretch, go to the bathroom, or take any other break needed. No general anesthesia is used. Most men are pleasantly surprised at how little discomfort there is both during and after the procedure. During the procedure, most patients relax, listen to music, eat lunch, or nap. We try to provide each patient with the best experience possible.

Is A Hair Transplant Safe?

Hair transplantation is generally a safe procedure performed under local anesthesia and is not a high risk procedure. The risk of complications, such as excessive infections, occur in less than 1 in 1000 cases. We also provide methods to help decrease such risks including the use of antibiotics when warranted. If you are a patient that requires antibiotics for procedures, it is important to discuss this with your Medical Doctor (M.D.). Ultimately, it is important to realize that all procedures do have risks. This is why we will stand by you the whole way. Our goal is to maintain a high hair transplant success rate with every patient.

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