With all procedures, big or small, there will always be risks and side effects. Although a FUE hair transplant is minimally invasive, it does pose several side effects such as slight pain, infection and temporary swelling. Though this is a rare occurrence, it is never a bad thing to be prepared for what could happen after a procedure. Even though the world of medicine is constantly changing, improving, and progressing forward, it is not perfect.
Pain and infections after a procedure is rare but it does occur in some cases. This is why it is important to follow post-op instructions by your doctor to help minimize your chances of developing pain or infections. In surgical restoration medicine, like all healthcare, things might not always go perfectly all the time and the best and safest route to take is a cautious one. Trying to prevent an infection is a lot easier than having to fight the infection. Swelling is also rare but can look extreme in some cases. This can be normal and as long as you follow the post-op instructions should be harmless.
Choosing the right doctor for you is also crucial to the safety and success of your procedure. Your hair physician will be the one examining your case, performing the procedure and taking care of you after the procedure is completed. Make sure you and your hair physician understand each other and have gone over all the risk, side effects or any other concerns that you may have.
Also, make sure your doctor knows of any allergies to medications that you have. You do not want surprised reactions during a procedure. Some patients with heart and liver disease are also not good candidates so those details are important to review.
Sometimes things happen outside of our control and watch. No matter how major or minor a procedure is, there is always risks and side effects to keep in mind and watch for. We may not be able to predict what will or will not happen, but it is a good habit to be extremely cautious to follow after procedure care to minimize any risks. Make sure to select a doctor that you are most comfortable to work with to help ensure the best experience you can have.

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