One of the first questions you may have when beginning your research on hair transplants is if you are a good candidate to get one. What factors play a part in a successful procedure and do they apply to you? What can keep you from potentially being a good candidate? It’s easy and understandable to feel overwhelmed in the beginning which is why we’ve set up some easy guidelines for you to start thinking about.
The norwood scale was created to diagnose hair loss. If you are considered to have norwood 3 or 6 or less on the scale, hair transplants might be a good route for you. The best age range for a hair transplant is between 25 to 65 years of age. If you are a little younger or older than the recommended age your procedure success may be effected.

Be sure to check to see your glucose and blood levels. A good candidate should not have uncontrolled diabetes or uncontrolled high blood pressure. If you have heart or liver diseases or conditions these may stop you from getting a hair transplant as well. Make sure to discuss with your primary care doctor about these factors and to let your hair physician know if you suffer from these conditions as these could potentially pose a huge risk for you as a hair transplant recipient.
Some other factors to consider is if you have the time or the financial means to have a procedure done. If you do not have much time and is looking for a quick fix, this procedure may not be for you. While hair transplants may be affordable in some cases, if you are stretching on money it might not be worth the push as finding time off and paying for the procedure depends solely on you and your capabilities.

Many other factors can play a part in your eligibility to have a procedure done, but these are just a few major things to keep in mind whenever you begin your research process. Do not be discouraged and just make sure you are fully informed of all the risks and benefits of getting a procedure. It is extremely important to talk to your doctor about your specific situation to take the next steps in getting a hair transplant.

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