There are a lot of very good things that come with getting older—wisdom, financial stability, comfort and respect—but hair loss is something that no guy looks forward to.

You can try combing over your bald spot, covering it with a hat, taking a razor to your scalp or just making your peace with it. Some people, however, seek solutions. FUE Hair Transplant solution is one of the most advanced and effective hair transplant procedures available on the market today. Our patients rave about the results!  

Results-oriented solution-seekers are a special type who would rather negotiate with destiny than take her first offer and walk. It is this type who eventually find themselves at Dr. Goric Jezic’s Houston Hair Transplant Center. Dr. Jezic went to medical school right here at the University of Texas, Houston. His practice specializes in hair restoration using the FUE technique. He and his staff proudly serve Southeast Texas including Sugarland, Austin, San Antonio, and other markets with one of the nation’s leading hair restoration teams.    

Leave nothing on the table, especially when it comes to your hairline. Schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Jezic and learn more about your hair loss treatment options.   

What is FUE Hair Transplant Technique?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It describes the revolutionary manner in which hair is extracted and transplanted in the patient.  The risk of scarring is minimal, compared to past procedures, because FUE requires no linear incisions. At the Houston Hair Transplant Center, we use a no-touch, pinpoint device called NeoGraft. Individual hair follicles are painstakingly harvested, one-by-one, from the “safe zone,” at the back of the head. The extracted hair follicles are then implanted in the same meticulous manner into the areas of the scalp where the symptoms of baldness are the most noticeable.   

FUE Hair Transplant Step-by-Step

  1. The doctor will administer a local anesthetic and shave the donor area for easy extraction
  2. Your living hair grafts (each graft consists of 1 to 3 hair follicles) are harvested from the safe zone 1-3 at a time 
  3. The grafts are individually implanted on the scalp where hair growth is most desired  
  4. In a single session, up to 3,000 plus hair grafts can be implanted along your natural growth lines.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant  

FUE represents a dramatic leap forward in hair transplant surgery! It eliminates the need for lateral harvesting. FUE makes hair transplantation a simpler, less invasive procedure. And patients appreciate the subtler, more natural-looking results.

The traditional hair transplantation technique relies on linear harvesting. In linear harvesting, a lateral incision is made across the back of the head. Next, a flap of skin is removed from the donor area for harvesting. The incision is sealed with sutures or staples. Very often, a large linear scar can develop.(1)

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

  • Minimal scarring
  • No linear scar
  • Short hairstyles are possible
  • Out-patient procedure with low recovery time

NeoGraft Transplant Technology

NeoGraft is the technology that makes FUE hair transplant possible at Houston Hair Transplant Center. It uses controlled pneumatic pressure to remove the donor follicles without damaging them. Then, a skilled NeoGraft technician will precisely implant those same follicles to the desired area of the scalp.  

Accuracy is key to the FUE procedure. That is why Dr. Jezic makes sure that he plays a personal role in the progress of all his patients. TheNeoGraft device’s no-touch action allows your healthcare provider to remove donor follicles and implant them using the same intuitive device. Most Texas men know the right tool makes all the difference. Dr. Jezic agrees. 

What are the advantages of the NeoGraft device?

  • Ergonomic design makes hair transplants easier for the doctor or technician
  • Increased accuracy for follicular harvest 
  • Dramatically reduces the time of transplant procedure  

Ideal Candidates for FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction has dramatically enhanced the results you can expect from a hair transplant procedure. Certain factors, however, can affect the outcome of FUE.

Patients with a diffused hair loss pattern throughout the scalp are not considered good candidates for the procedure.

The safe zone from which the implanted follicles are harvested is usually around the back of the head, out of the reach of male pattern baldness. This is because the donor area must have a high density of follicles to draw from. Dr. Jezic and his team of seasoned hair transplant technicians average 10 years of experience each. They strive to achieve even results throughout the scalp. 

FUE hair transplants leave a series of small, pin-point scars in the donor area. This is a huge improvement from the ear-to-ear lateral scar left after a traditional hair transplant. At the back of the head, where the hair is often thickest, the small, circular scars (between 0.6mm-1.4mm in diameter) left by FUE are hardly noticeable as the hair grows back in.(2) 

A short, cropped hairstyle is no problem after you have fully recovered from the FUE procedure!

Some complicating factors are listed below. Patients who are concerned that one or more of these factors may impact their eligibility for FUE hair transplant should schedule a personalized consultation at the Houston Hair Transplant Center to learn more.   

Patients With Curly and Wiry Hair Texture

Very curly hair grows curly underneath the skin. This can present a challenge for the NeoGraft device. Extreme accuracy is needed to retrieve intact follicles from the donor area. The type of curly hair that is more common among some ethnic groups can make accurate retrieval difficult. But it is not impossible! Contact the Houston Hair Transplant Center if you have any questions.  

Men With Extreme Male Pattern Baldness

While typically male pattern baldness leaves plenty of donor follicles in the safe zone, even high hair density in this area will begin to look thin if overharvested. FUE’s small retrieval scars are also more visible if the donor area is overharvested.  

Diffuse Hair Loss All Over the Scalp

A more generalized hair loss pattern tends to be more common in women. Unfortunately, this type of baldness pattern does not leave a safe zone from which to harvest a sufficient number of healthy follicles.  

Quality Counts in FUE Hair Transplant Procedures

You may encounter a different set of surgical standards outside of the United States (or even outside of Texas!), but Dr. Jezic and his team believe in putting your health and best interests first, every time. They know how best to avoid the perils of overharvesting. 

Dr. Jezic asserts a threshold of 2,500 hair grafts per FUI session. Many of the reasons for this are outlined above—there is only so much healthy, growing hair that can be harvested from the safe zone without the risk of creating a brand new bald spot while trying to cover the old! Overharvesting also risks revealing the subtle scarring left by FUE. 

It’s also worth considering that transferring 2,000 follicular units can take up to six hours. 

FUE Recovery

FUE hair transplantation is simple and minimally invasive when compared to the alternatives. Here’s what you can expect in the days and weeks following the procedure. 

Post-Transplantation Timeline

  1. After a couple of days of recovery, you can return to normal activities and light exercise
  2. More strenuous exercise can resume after a week, but avoid sweating excessively
  3. You may resume all normal activities after two weeks.  

Fight Back With FUE

It was not that long ago when hair loss was an irreversible fact of life for most people. A lot of men would simply surrender to fate. Well, you may have gotten older, but you still have one more round left in you. FUE lets you fight back against hair loss!

Dr. Jezic and his winning team at Houston Hair Transplant Center know that you have options when male pattern baldness threatens to rear its shiny head. After all, you might not be young anymore, but maturity doesn’t have to come at the cost of your hair health! Schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Jezic and learn more about your hair loss treatment options.     


What is the FUE hair transplant technique?

Follicular Unit Extraction is a process in which healthy hair follicles are harvested and implanted in a new location in the scalp. Compared to traditional hair transplant procedures, the process is simpler, minimally invasive and produces more natural-looking results. 

What is NeoGraft Technology?

NeoGraft is a brilliant device used by the team at Houston Hair Transplant Center. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort and accuracy during the delicate follicular extraction of the FUE hair transplant procedure.  

How long is the recovery time for FUE hair transplant procedure?

Patients can expect a speedy recovery. Light activity can resume within one week. You may resume normal activities after two weeks. 

Patient Reviews

“Truly a life changing procedure. I was amazed at the amount of confidence I gained on a personal and professional level. No down time. Thumbs up!” — M.C.

“Very caring and professional clinic with awesome results. Still enjoying my grafts with no complications. Neograft is the only way to go! No scarring and was back to work on Monday.” — D.M.

“Dr. Jezic and his staff did a phenomenal job on my recent procedure. Everyone is extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him. I searched many places and previously had a procedure done somewhere else. I regret not coming to Dr. Jezic sooner. Dr. Jezic and his staff understood exactly what I needed and treated me as a part of their team. The recovery process was very painless and quick.” — K.J.


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