The modern hair transplant is virtually pain-free thanks to advanced techniques in follicular unit extraction (FUE). With devices like ATERA and NeoGraft, restoring your thinning hair is much simpler than it used to be. Surgeons can safely and effectively harvest healthy hair follicles from a patient’s scalp and place them into other areas without the need for long incisions and excessive scarring. 

For those looking to rehabilitate their hairline and experience the wonder of modern hair restoration, Dr. Goran Jezic is a hair transplantation specialist practicing in Houston, TX. At Houston Hair Transplant Center (HHTC), he performs highly personalized hair restoration procedures for patients in Austin, Houston, and the surrounding areas. With almost 30 years of medical experience, Dr. Jezic is a leader in his field and an innovator in the operating room. 

If you are struggling with hair loss, we invite you to schedule a private consultation with him by calling (713) 864-2300. We also provide this convenient contact form to fill out and virtual consultations for prospective patients in San Antonio, Louisiana, and farther afield.

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What Does an FUE Hair Transplant Feel Like?

The predecessor to FUE was follicular unit transplant (FUT). This involved removing a portion of hair-bearing scalp from the back of the head, extracting smaller follicles from it, and implanting them into thinning areas. Though this technique was effective and safe, it left patients with a long and noticeable scar. Around 1937, a Japanese doctor named Shoji Okuda performed the first hair transplantation technique that used a small punch to extract tiny portions of hair-bearing skin instead. This was the beginning of a new type of hair restoration that is now called follicular unit excision (FUE). (1)

FUE hair transplants cause less discomfort than more traditional methods. With the help of motorized devices, simple systems, and smooth modern technology, FUE procedures are easier and more precise than ever before. Dr. Jezic uses two different devices to perform FUE hair transplants without causing extensive damage or irritation to the scalp. They are the ATERA FUE system and the NeoGraft hair restoration device. 


Dr. Jezic performs follicular unit extraction both with manual punches and using advanced devices like ATERA. This device uses precise and swift movement to semi-automate the process. Controlling the rotational speed with a food pedal, he  extracts hair follicles from a donor area with plenty of healthy hair that are not susceptible to pattern loss. 

After removing the follicular units, the ATERA device stores them in a saline solution to keep them lubricated. This device allows Dr. Jezic to see exactly what he is doing by implementing micro-punching and magnification. He can then take the follicular units and manually place them in the recipient area for the most natural-looking results. This semi-automated system also causes less damage to the scalp, resulting in little bleeding to promote a healthier scalp. 


Like ATERA, NeoGraft hair restoration implements technology to perform FUE transplantation with a high level of uniformity. Dr. Jezic utilizes NeoGraft’s handpiece to make the donation process extremely precise and very fast. This system stores the harvested follicles in a solution much like the ATERA. Where this process differs is that the NeoGraft system not only harvests follicular units but also helps place them in the recipient area. (2)

By implementing suction, NeoGraft safely removes follicles and creates a no-touch system of storage to keep the harvested follicles safe and healthy. Dr. Jezic then uses a special tool that makes a recipient punch and places the new follicle in unison. The semi-automated nature of NeoGraft saves him large amounts of time and energy, allowing for extremely personalized and accurate hair transplantation procedures.

Benefits of Comfortable Hair Transplants

By using local anesthetic and FUE devices, Dr. Jezic performs hair transplantation that is mostly pain-free and highly effective for his patients. This allows them to tolerate the procedures and receive in excess of 3000 grafts. It also makes the entire process much easier. Patients can receive better results with less hassle. The procedures are more sustainable for Dr. Jezic to perform since the device takes some of the physical burden away. 

One of the main advantages of automated and assisted hair transplantation is the precision that leads to natural-looking results. Since the procedure does not remove large amounts of skin, the patient is not left with a distracting scar that may not grow hair the same after healing. Instead, FUE devices use a very tiny punch to remove follicular units. These donated areas rarely scar and if they do, they are too small to notice. 

Ideal FUE Candidates

If you experience hair loss along the hairline and/or crown, or patchiness, this treatment may be right for you. To qualify for FUE hair transplantation, you must have enough healthy hair follicular units fit to donate. If your thinning is too advanced, you may not make a good candidate. You must be in good overall health without serious medical conditions that will affect the healing process. If you are a smoker, you must quit all tobacco and nicotine use for at least one month before your FUE procedure. 

Personal Consultation with Dr. Jezic

Dr. Jezic will meet with you for a private consultation to examine your hair loss and determine your candidacy. He will ask you about your medical history and cosmetic goals to best prepare your treatment plan. With many years of experience and a highly skilled eye for hair restoration, he creates a personalized procedure that caters directly to your needs. He then explains in detail what the process is like and how you should prepare for your hair transplant. At the end of the meeting, a member of the Houston Hair Transplant Center will assist you in scheduling your procedure. 

How to Prepare for a FUE Hair Transplant

Leading up to your procedure appointment, please avoid anti-inflammatories like aspirin and ibuprofen to prevent increased bleeding. If necessary, you may also adjust your current medications and avoid certain herbal supplements to ensure a healthy recovery. FUE hair transplants are outpatient procedures, meaning you should find someone you trust to transport you to and from our surgical center.

Avoid drinking alcohol before your hair transplant. Please protect your scalp from the sun’s harmful UV rays by applying sunscreen or wearing a hat. It is especially important to keep the recipient skin of your scalp in good health to promote optimal results.

Recovery & Results

FUE hair transplants using NeoGraft or ATERA systems are minimally invasive and very comfortable. You may experience slight irritation of the scalp, but it’s usually nothing more than a slight itch or bruising sensation. While in recovery, do not scratch or rub your scalp as the follicles are very fragile. Dr. Jezic may recommend gentle shampoo to use when washing your hair as your scalp heals. Do not comb your hair with harsh brushes until the scabs begin to fall off. Throughout the healing process, the recipient area follicles will fall out to make room for the new hair cycle to begin. This is completely normal so do not be alarmed. 

The results of a hair transplant typically take around six to nine months to realize. The implanted hairs fall out, then the new healthy hair replaces them. This replacement hair is fuller and thicker when fully grown out. Your hairline restores slowly and the new hair is not affected by pattern balding. These results are permanent and should last a lifetime. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Facial Hair Transplants

Dr. Jezic also uses FUE procedures to restore facial hair. He extracts hair follicles from a viable donor area like the back of the head. He uses his skilled eye to choose hair with similar thickness and structure and implants it into the thinning areas of your facial hair. This can restore the mustache and beard area for men, and can also thicken the eyebrows.

Hybrid Hair Restoration

By combining surgical hair restoration with less invasive therapies, Dr. Jezic creates many hybrid hair replacement treatment plans. This may require FUE transplants with ACP (autologous conditioned plasma) treatments to further increase your hair growth success. He can collect ACP from your donated blood by using centrifugation to separate it into its parts. He carefully extracts the plasma and injects it into the scalp to add growth hormones and promote healthy new growth. The process is natural as it uses your own tissue, and the ACP works to increase the chances of growing full and thick hair. Combining different treatment types gives you the best of both worlds and greatly improves your overall outcome.

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost in Houston?

The cost of hair transplants varies widely between patients depending on the device used and procedure length. If your thinning is extensive, Dr. Jezic extracts a larger number of follicular units

To receive an accurate price estimate for your hair transplant, please schedule a private consultation at Houston Hair Transplant Center. Contact us today by calling (713) 864-2300 or by filling out this contact sheet. We will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule your first appointment.


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