Cost of Hair Transplants in Houston

A hair transplant is a remarkable procedure that allows men and women to restore their natural hair in areas where hair loss has occurred. A procedure called Follicular Unit Extraction or Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) involves harvesting healthy hair follicles from the back and sides of the head and making dot-sized incisions to replant the follicles in the thinning and balding areas of the hairline and/or crown. For those considering this revolutionary treatment, one question stands out the most: What is the cost or price of a hair transplant in Houston? 

At Houston Hair Transplant Center, we refuse to take shortcuts, and we strive to produce the best results possible for each of our patients. Our practices in Houston, TX and Austin, TX are dedicated to the latest technologies that have fostered the most natural-looking results- FUE hair transplants utilizing the ATERA and NeoGraft system

If you are interested in finding out more, consider a personal consultation with Dr. Goran Jezic, a hair restoration specialist with over 15 years of hair transplant experience, or FUE hair transplant specialist Josh Simpson, PA-C. Request your appointment today through our contact page or call (713) 864-2300 and a staff member will readily assist you. 

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How Are Hair Restoration Prices Determined? 

Performing a proper hair transplant takes time, effort, and precision, and the costs often reflect that. Patients deserve to know what these costs mean and how they will translate to results. Doctors charge patients based on the number of grafts needed, an amount that is unique to each patient depending on the extent of their hair loss. We can break down the costs in a way that is transparent and simple to understand: 

  • On average, each graft contains 1 to 3 individual hair follicles.
  • At Houston Hair Transplant Center, 1 graft is an average of 2 hair follicles.
  • One hair transplant session can involve the transplantation of up to and over 3,000 grafts.
  • In a 3,000 graft transplant session, over 6,000 individual hair follicles can grow and replenish in places of hair loss. 

Unlike other practices that price based on single-follicle grafts, we charge based on multi-follicle grafts, resulting in greater density. This is why when choosing a hair transplant specialist, it is important to know the number of hair follicles being utilized rather than the number of grafts. For example, some unscrupulous practices will advertise $3 per follicle which works out to $6 per graft. 

What is a Hair Follicle? 

A hair follicle is a structure that not only includes the hair shaft itself but also the many structures under the skin. Every hair follicle contains a papilla that offers a blood supply, an arrector pili muscle that allows the hair to stand on end, and a sebaceous gland that secretes oil and lubricates the hair/skin. The most vital part of the follicle is the hair matrix which contains cells called keratinocytes that produce the hair shaft itself. Cells called melanocytes in the matrix determine the color of the hair. (1) All of these near-microscopic components are transferred over when the follicle is harvested with the NeoGraft device. These structures are alive and will contribute to the production of hair when relocated to another part of the scalp. 

How Much is Each Graft and How Are They Transplanted?

Houston Hair’s multi-follicular grafts cost as low as $4.50 each. During an FUE hair transplant session with the ATERA or NeoGraft device, an experienced hair transplant technician will first shave the hairs on the back of the head, where follicles are most resilient against the root causes of hair loss (genetics, stress, hormones, etc.). Dr. Jezic will then administer local anesthesia to this area so there is no discomfort involved. Then the ATERA or NeoGraft device will strategically harvest the follicles, leaving behind only pin-sized holes that will heal with very minimal scarring. The follicles are taken so that the surrounding hairs will cover the incision marks easily. The ATERA or NeoGraft handpiece gently suctions these follicles into the device’s tube where the follicles are then placed in a preserving solution. 

Next, the clinicians will make more pin-sized holes in your hairline, crown, or any area where you have experienced hair loss or thinning. They will skillfully place each follicle into its respective place, planting them into a new location on the scalp. Each procedure is performed delicately so that results look natural and to ensure each follicle stays alive during transplantation; from start to finish, it takes approximately 6 to 8 hours.  

How Many Grafts Do I Need? 

Patients typically need 1,000 to 3,500 grafts, depending on their desired results and the amount of hair prior to the procedure. For patients who require 3,000 to 3,500 grafts, Dr. Jezic and his team can perform a FUE Mega Session– taking place over the course of one or two sessions. Those with severe hair loss may need up to 8,000 grafts, which can be done over several sessions on different days. 

Personal Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about the cost of hair transplants and the available options at Houston Hair Transplant Center, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jezic. During this appointment, he will address your concerns, answer any questions you may have, and provide personalized recommendations based on your unique situation. To get in contact with his practices in Houston and Austin, TX please call (713) 864-2300 or visit our website’s contact page. We look forward to assisting you on your hair restoration journey.

Candidates for FUE Hair Transplants

If you have grown concerned about the thinning of your hair in places where it used to be plentiful, you may qualify for an FUE hair transplant procedure. If the idea of minimal scarring and luscious, full hair that lasts a lifetime sounds appealing to you, it’s in your best interest to further investigate the intricacies of an FUE hair transplant procedure. If you are a man or woman under the age of 25 with hair loss, Dr. Jezic may prescribe another treatment to slow down your rate of hair loss prior to an FUE hair transplant. Younger individuals may have a more accelerated form of alopecia, so it’s important to address this issue beforehand. Those with the autoimmune conditions such alopecia areata or lichen planus may not benefit from an FUE hair transplant since the follicles of the donor site may not be viable and grafts may not be able to survive in the affected areas; this condition results in randomized, unpredictable patterns of hair loss. Finally, those with blood-clotting disorders may not be eligible and possibly others with hypertension, progressive hair loss, and other health issues. 


In preparation for an FUE hair transplant, the doctor may stop advising patients to stop taking blood-thinning medications and Vitamin E which can cause unwanted bleeding during the procedure. DO NOT stop taking any medications without the explicit advice of the doctor. Dr. Jezic may also ask you to consult with your primary care provider. In some cases, medical clearance may be required, particularly for those with hypertension, cardiac and other issues including patients on certain medications. We also require that patients stop smoking and drinking alcohol a few days prior to the procedure to prevent blood thinning and optimize healing. Since caffeine raises heart rate and blood pressure, we advise patients to avoid caffeinated drinks the day before and prior to an FUE hair transplant. A good night’s sleep is recommended and a light breakfast on the morning of the procedure. Dr. Jezic will take the time to fully understand your risk factors and provide you with more detailed information for preparation. 

Recovery and Results

FUE hair transplants are performed utilizing local anesthesia, so there is no significant downtime required.  All swelling typically subsides in only 1 to 2 days, but you may have some residual itching as it heals. You will be allowed to begin washing your scalp with a mild shampoo after day 3

In order to facilitate faster healing, patients should avoid strenuous activities for up to 2 weeks post-procedure, though you can resume sedentary work the following day. During this 2-week period, you should avoid wearing hats, hoods, or excessively touching your scalp. You should keep your head elevated, especially during sleep, to reduce unnecessary swelling in the area. 

The results of your procedure will begin to show roughly 3 months after your session and will continue to grow and become denser over the following months. 

You may experience a phenomenon called “shock loss” in which the transplanted follicles temporarily shed new hairs. Since the follicles are still functioning after transplantation, new hair  will grow after this initial hair loss. Unlike FUT which leaves behind a linear scar, FUE hair transplants only create tiny dot scars that are only 1.5 to 1.6 mm in diameter; the surrounding hair can easily cover these. (2)

Find Out More About NeoGraft  and ATERA 

As hair restoration devices that greatly improve the survivability of the hair follicles and cuts down the time of this lengthy procedure, ATERA and NeoGraft are one of the most highly advanced FUE hair restoration devices available. If you are suffering from hair loss, consider giving yourself the gift of restored confidence at Houston Hair Transplant Center (HHTC). Please reach out to a staff member to request your consultation today by calling (713) 864-2300 or visiting our locations in Houston, TX or Austin, TX. You may also schedule your appointment via our contact form. Whether your needs are significant or minimal, one of our providers will give you an accurate price estimate with any additional fees involved at the time of your consultation. If you want to learn more before committing to a decision, please take a moment to read through our blog, where you will find more information on FUE hair transplants, ATERA and NeoGraft. 


At the Houston Hair Transplant Center (HHTC), you can pay for your hair transplant procedure via cash, credit, card or one of five patient finance companies such as Care Credit, PatientFi, Alphaeon, United Medical, and the Lending Club. Some of these companies offer 0% financing up to one year. Therefore, affordability should not be a factor in your decision to undergo a hair transplant. 


How many hair transplant sessions will I need? 

Most patients will be able to get the results they are looking for in 1 or 2 FUE hair transplant sessions- the length of time it takes to transfer 3,000 to 3,500 grafts. However, many patients don’t require this many grafts. 

Can FUE Beard Transplants be performed for facial hair? 

Absolutely. FUE hair transplants work for restoring beards, mustaches, and even eyebrows. 

Does FUE hair transplantation work for women, men and other genders? 

Yes. Even though men and women have hair loss that presents itself differently, FUE hair transplant methods still work just as well for all genders. Some of our clients are transgender amongst whom hair transplants have gained in popularity. 


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