20 amazing gifts for men for christmas?
With Thanksgiving over with, Houston is beginning to deck their halls with Christmas decor left and right. People are beginning to pull out their stockings, Christmas lights and Christmas trees. While decorating the tree with ornaments and candy canes may be a classic but what about under the tree?
While black Friday shopping may be over, but that doesn’t mean Christmas shopping is.

Christmas Gifts for Guys

One of the hardest things some may find is finding a gift for men! Whether it’s your brother, husband, boyfriend, dad, cousin, friend or even to treat yourself after a long work year, we have some tips and a holiday gift guide for what’s in this season.
Since winter has officially begun, keep warm with a sheepskin leather bomber jacket. Nothing keeps you warmer than sheepskin and the bomber style leather jacket tops off the look, keeping it modern and contemporary.
If that’s a little too edgy, try settling for a more subtle cable-knit sweater. This design is a classic and will keep anyone warm.
Now if you want something a little more on technology, get a Livescribe Notebook. Take this handy device with you anywhere, jot down a little note and it’ll appear on any other device you want it to automatically. Nifty, right?

Couples Gifts

If you want a present for the both of you, try grabbing a bottle of a single malt scotch. Nothing tastes as rich, luxurious or masculine as this. (Of course, this is for people of age though!)
All the rage this year has been over the hoverboard. This trending device that allows people to glide down hallways, airports, campuses or just about anywhere. You can speed up as you will, turn whenever you want – it’s almost like an extension of you.

Cosmetic Gifts

If you want to go out with a bang, how about a hair transplant with Dr. Jezic’s Center? With affordable prices, he could be coming out with a new head of hair that will last for many more Christmases to come.

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