About Dr. Goran Jezic

Dr. Goran Jezic is a double board-certified FUE hair restoration specialist in Houston, TX who has been practicing hair transplantation since 2013. His caring demeanor and expert approach to medicine has allowed him to create one of the most sought-after hair transplant centers in the United States. Utilizing highly advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair treatment techniques, Dr. Jezic provides a meaningful, profound difference in people’s lives. [1] Hair transplantation at the Houston Hair Transplant Center handles every patient’s concern with the utmost care and support.

From Michigan to Medicine

Dr. Jezic, a renowned hair transplant doctor, hails from the great state of Michigan. However, his ancestry is from the central European country of Croatia, which is famous for its rich culture, breathtaking beaches, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the Dalmatian! During his childhood, his father relocated the family to Lake Jackson, TX as a result of landing a job with Dow Chemical. Dr. Jezic has enjoyed life in the Lone Star state ever since. And, he is fluent in Spanish, Croatian, and Serbo-Croatian! While at home, he likes to cook up a storm of delectable eats, enjoy fine wines, and spend quality time with his daughters. As an art collector and musician, he also has a deep appreciation for the visual and performing arts.

Education and Training

Dr. Jezic received rigorous medical training at programs in both Utah and Texas. He attended medical school at the University of Texas Health Science Center Houston. He then completed an internship there before finishing his residency at the University of Utah in Salt Lake. In 1996, Dr. Jezic began practicing medicine in Houston.

Although he currently devotes his time to helping patients in other ways, Dr. Jezic is a trained physiatrist, a field of medicine that specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients affected by disease, disorder or injury. Among his publications is a medical paper that proposed new treatments to keep patients with spinal injuries from suffering potentially lethal deep vein thrombosis. [2] 

His credentials are further backed by continuously maintaining multiple certifications and state licenses. He is certified in Neuromuscular Medicine and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 

Hair Transformation with FUE

The Houston Hair Transplant Center offers patients high-quality hair restoration for patients struggling with hair loss. Dr. Jezic’s passion for hair restoration is fueled by the impact it has on the lives of the patients he treats. The most rewarding part of his practice is seeing his patients’ spirits and confidence (and hair!) lifted to new heights. Throughout his career, he’s helped patients with a wide variety of unique circumstances. From subtle touch-ups to reversing considerable hair loss, Dr. Jezic has helped patients regain healthy, natural hair growth and reverse the effects that aging, stress, and trauma can inflict.

Dr. Jezic, an experienced hair transplant physician, specializes in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedures for treating hair loss, and uses the most advanced technology available, ATERA FUE and NeoGraft, to ensure the very best results. This delicate process involves removing live hair follicles in small groups called units. Each collected unit of 1-3 follicles is harvested one at a time using a tiny, specialized punch tool. [1] This technology eliminates the need for incision, sutures, or other more invasive linear scar-causing methods. Then, these healthy follicles are placed precisely in tiny openings prepared on thinning and balding spots in the scalp.

The Power of ACP

Dr. Jezic, an experienced hair transplant doctor, wants the best possible outcome for each of his patients, which is why he offers a complimentary Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP) treatment following their hair transplant. This revolutionary treatment uses isolated components from a small amount of the patient’s own blood to facilitate hair growth. The plasma contains regenerative growth factors that can facilitate new hair growth and heal tissue. [3] The process begins with a simple blood draw that is then run through a centrifuge. The concentrated plasma is then injected directly into the treatment area to fast-track healing and stimulate hair growth. 

Results You Can Count On

Dr. Jezic is a highly sought after, well-ranked hair transplantation expert who has enjoyed rave reviews for his outstanding patient care and consistently excellent results. U.S. News and World Report lists his accolades to include a patient satisfaction score of five out of five stars

Your Friendly Consultation with Dr. Jezic

Your complimentary consultation will take place at our office in Houston, TX, near Rice University. Dr. Jezic’s approach to medical care begins with a two-way personal discussion that will get to the heart of your concerns. He makes a point to spend at least 45 minutes with each patient during a consultation. After he reviews your medical history, and understands your hair loss, and desired results, he’ll examine your scalp. This will determine transplant and donor sites, estimated recovery, and results. After developing your optimal treatment plan, he’ll go over how an FUE hair transplantation can improve your hairline and self-esteem. Schedule your FREE appointment with Dr. Jezic today or call us at (713) 864-2300 to reach one of our friendly representatives. Read through our blog to get a better understanding of how hair transplantation will transform your look. 


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