A common question that we get is “what is a graft”? Well a graft is taken from one part of the body and moved to another. In a hair transplant, the follicular unit grafts are autografts. Each graft can contain from one to several hairs. The number of hair per graft is also important because this defines the density of it.

Now you may be wondering how many grafts you will need. This varies from person to person. Since everyone is not the same, the amount of graft depends totally on you. Hair number and density vary with race and are reduced with age. Someone with complete male pattern hair loss may need thousands of grafts while those that have residual hair, someone who has thinning hair but not completely bald, do not require as many hairs.

Many factors play into what the size of your procedure will be. Things such as ethnic, dark, longer hair styles and other factors can also achieve hair fullness with fraction of these numbers.

These are a many reasons why discussing with your doctor plays an important part in having a successful procedure. Be prepared with realistic goals for the procedure but do keep in mind that many patients do come out happy with their results and you potentially can as well.

With the new neograft FUE method that we offer here hair restoration has made a bigger presence on the market. Feel free to come in for a consultation with us to see how many grafts you may need!

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