The icey cold weather spikes a peak in runny noses and colds, however there are a few myths that you shouldn’t believe anymore.

Running outside during the winter with wet hair might not be the warmest and most comfortable thing to do, but it isn’t the reason why you’ve caught a cold (as most people like to believe). The real cause? Viruses.

Viruses have a higher survival rate that runs from late spring to early fall. This is because viruses thrive better during a time of high humidity. But why does it seem like we often catch more colds during the winter?

Well for starters we usually aren’t crowded together indoors as often during warmer weather as we are in the harsh winter cold. With many people in the same vicinity, there’s no escaping viruses transferring. Physical transfer and airborne viruses are more susceptible to transfer from one person to another when we are packed in a mall like sardines.

Washing your hands and using alcohol hand-sanitizer help reduce the spread of germs and viruses, but recent studies have shown that airborne viruses are causing more people to become sick than physical transfer. Viruses that are airborne can’t be avoided either!

Though you won’t become sick just because you go outside with wet hair, the cold weather does weaken your immune system and can cause you to be more inclined to catching the viruses.

Keep your body and your head protected with warm clothing and hats to help keep your blood flowing and your body warm. A hat won’t cause hair loss or make balding worse which is another myth to bust. Wearing a hat won’t make you go bald unless the hat is so tight that it pulls your hair out of your hair. So don’t be afraid to keep yourself warm while staying stylish during the harsh winter weather. ​

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