As the world begins to continuously evolve, so does the market for consumption by the public. To combat this, many people have gone to building their own business, becoming their own boss. Essentially, being an entrepreneur.

While it is tough to make it out there and there may be a 80 to 90 percent failure rate, some successful entrepreneurs have given us some of their quirky habits for success in the field.

The first habit actually isn’t that quirky. It’s sticking to a regimented schedule. This allows less time for distractions during your busy work day and maximizes the amount of work that can be done. Plan ahead and set out designated time slots for you to focus your energy into one thing.

Also, make lists at the beginning of your day or the night before so whenever you start working, you know exactly what you need to do. It forces you to think your day through and helps you better prepare yourself and plan out how to execute a task. This helps you from being scatterbrained and once you get into the hang of things you’ll notice how much more productive you are.

Another good habit is to set three specific goals weekly and monthly and forget about the rest until those are achieved. When you’re trying to fix a billion wrong things all at once you’re most likely not going to get very far in each of them. So focus your time on three different ones and you’ll start to notice how much progress you can make in those in bettering your business.

Building a business from scratch is hard but keeping yourself focused, determined and organized will help your success rate sore. ​

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