With society trying to become more healthy and fit, a question we also get asked a lot is how long do you have to wait before you can resume physical activity/working out after getting a hair transplant procedure done? And how extensive can I work out?

Play it safe, you should wait until after seven days before resuming physical activities such as going to the gym and getting in a good workout. This is to let your new hairs settle and to help prevent things from hitting or touching your scalp which could affect the hair growth later on. The days may vary depending on other variables so you should make sure to also discuss this in your consult with the Dr. Jezic’s Hair Transplant Team.

If you do want to be somewhat active doing light workouts such as a simple walk through the neighborhood or park can be done after a day or two from your procedure date. Just make sure you aren’t running or jogging because that will be too rough for your body to handle at the time. It is okay to have some sun exposure, but absolutely no sun tanning. This could cause burns and could affect your results from the procedure.

After seven days, you should be able to get back on your feet and into your regular daily routines again. It does not matter how hard core you are in most cases, the healing is overall done at that point since we use no scalpel or stitches and you have no line scar like in the older FUT method or hair graft implants.

Remeber, our hair restoration consults are free, so come in any time to either of our two locations.

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