While some may worry about having sweaty, helmet-hair after winning a long football game, that was never a problem Brian Urlacher had to deal with… until now.

Brian Urlacher, a former Chicago Bears NFL linebacker, was always recognized for his clean, bald head on and off the field. Urlacher experienced significant hair loss while in high school almost 20 years ago and decided to cut his hair short ever since giving him his signature bald look.

But a friend, who was also once bald, approached him and pitched Urlacher the idea of getting a procedure done like he had. After seeing amazing results on his friend who had a hair transplant surgery, Urlacher decided to check out this option and combat his hair loss once and for all.

A year after getting the procedure done, Urlacher made an appearance on Tuesday on Chicago’s WGN News after hiding his head under a hat for four months and shocked everybody.

Urlacher, now with a full head of hair was ready to take on the world once more as a spokesperson for RESTORE the hair transplant facility. You could see his excitement beam on his face as he talks about his great results even explaining how his procedure was done. He was left with no line scarring and was in and out of the clinic in a day due to getting the FUE procedure done.

While his friend of his had great results and was happy with it, Urlacher was scared if he didn’t like his new look. After 20 years of being bald, this would be a dramatic change. “If I got it done and didn’t like it, guess what?” Urlacher said, “I could still shave my head because there’s no line scarring. I could have shaved my head… but I liked it.”

Urlacher wasn’t afraid to take the risk and knew that all he had to do was cut it again if he didn’t like the change. For him, and for many others, he didn’t need to cut it all off again. His results proved that his procedure was a success.

“It was pretty shocking to me as well.” Urchaler said during the interview on Chicago’s WGN News. “I didn’t think it’d work honestly, but it worked.” ​

“Hair restoration is no longer the invasive procedure it use to be and more people are starting to see that every day. You can be back at work or playing sports in no time” stated Dr. Jezic at Houston’s Dr. Jezic’s Center.

To learn more about your hair transplant options, contact us anytime at the Dr. Jezic’s Hair Transplant Center.

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